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Hotel? No, I*ll have an apartment thanks

Renting a city apartment gives you more freedom and space for less cash.

When was the last time you made proper use of a hotel concierge? Or ordered a meal from room service? Or needed a porter to help you wheel your luggage across the lobby?

If city hotels in Odessa sometimes seem overstaffed and overpriced, it may be time to check out for good and rent an apartment instead. Not only will you save money, you’ll also connect with your destination in new and interesting ways – living in a real neighbourhood, shopping at food markets and mingling with the locals.

Until recently, city-apartment rentals in Odesa were aimed squarely at business travellers and available only on long lets.

Now, the industry is turning towards leisure travellers and, in particular, families looking for the kind of freedom and space not offered at most hotels.

With rental periods getting shorter – a minimum of three or four nights is typical – it’s easier than ever to escape the grip of the hotel chains. You’ll find apartments to rent in most popular European cities – from an artist’s garret in Paris to a four-bedroom palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice.

There are two broad types of rental apartment Odessa. The first is a private, furnished home. This could be a pied-à-terre, or the owner’s main residence (they might be travelling or working abroad), and is likely to be in a residential area and decorated in an individual style. The second is a condominium or serviced apartment. This could be a timeshare, or one of several similar units owned by a rental company. Typically, it will be furnished and maintained to a high standard, without the personal clutter – or, indeed, the character – of a private home.

But where to find the best apartment? Your first instinct might be to run to Google.


For a wider selection of properties, it’s worth trying an agency based in your chosen destination. By paying in local currency, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the strong pound, particularly in America.


One tried-and-tested way to find a rental property is through the classified ads of a newspaper.

Many people report happy experiences using Craigslist, but there are risks involved, some of which are outlined on the site itself (www.craigslist.org/about/scams.html).


If you want the guarantee of a hotel-spec pad close to the city centre, and you’re happy to pay for the privilege, you’ll find plenty of companies that will rent you a serviced apartment. Many have appeared in Odessa in recent years, some aimed at families. Studios in Odessa start at £25 per night.

The Odessa Apartment Rental Company  promises central locations, plus modern kitchens, DVD players and usually internet connection.

Money matters

IF you’re renting from an individual owner, you don’t have any of the usual security that goes with booking through a tour operator, so exercise caution.

In most cases, you’ll be asked to pay an initial deposit of 10%-20%, then the balance on arrival. Western Union is the best way to deposite. Common alternatives include the online payment system PayPal, electronic bank transfer, personal cheque and banker’s draft.

If you’re dealing with a tour operator or agent rather than the owner of the property, check its credentials. If it’s UK-based, it should be bonded with an organisation such as Abta. Always pay by credit card.

However you book, you are likely to have to pay a deposit against any damage, which should be returned to you on departure


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