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Apartments in Odesa

1-room apartment ta-107

Tairovo, 101, Levitana str / Akademika Korolyova str
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One bedroom apartment for one person or a couple. Folding out sofa. Panoramic windows. Convenient transportation. 33 Meter (not less) economy.  

490-550 UAH /night


Odessa apartments Odessa apartments Odessa apartments Odessa apartments Odessa apartments Odessa apartments Odessa apartments 


There are pharmacy, beauty salon, branches of several banks and ATMs in this house and a supermarket Silpo close by. In walking distance from the home park, stop and trolley routes, McDonald's, shopping center Panormo. 3rd floor of a 9-storied building, lift.

The apartment is equiped with all the necessary furniture, dishes, washing machine, boiler, refrigerator, internet, cable TV.

Maximum 2 persons (fold-out sofa).

To reserve this apartment please call:
+38-096-428-85-43 ( ) ; +38-094-997-62-99

Or through the form Book /Ask a Question on this page.

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Price (max) UAH/day