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Common info about Odesa.

Odesa (sometimes spelled Odessa) is one of foreigners' favorite destinations in Ukraine.

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  .   Odessa  has one million inhabitants and lies on the Black Sea coast northwest of Crimea. It became an important port during the 19th century and was the USSR's most important point of trade. The city has a lively, cosmopolitan spirit, and Odesites (or Odessans) are known for their openness and use of humor in public. Prymorski (Potemkin's)  Stairs lead down to Odessa's harbor and the Black Sea 

    Odessa was always home to an extremely diverse population that reflected both European and Russian influences. Of course, the city itself bears many marks from the days of Tsarist Russia, and the vast majority of the population speaks Russian but some people speak Ukrainian also. In outlying areas of Odessa region  ( oblast'), Ukrainian and Russian are comonly spoken, as well as Romanian near the Romanian border.

Odessa's climate is quite a bit wetter and milder than in Kyiv. The city receives only 350 mm (14") of precipitation a year. Most of the city is located quite high above the Black Sea, which can be reached by descending long streets and staircases such as the Potemkin Stairs. 



Odessa apartments Dovga str / Pysareva str
350 UAH/night
Odessa apartments 1v, Dunayevskogo str
500 UAH/night
Odessa apartments 7/1, Garshina str
2000 UAH/night
French Boulevard
1650 UAH/night

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