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Apartments in Odesa

How to Order a Flat You Like.

  If you want to order one of the flats presented on this site, first of all you just  e-mail us or fill the form on the right side.

In e-mail message please advise:

1. Your name, surname.
2. Country (citizenship)
3. Code of the chosen apartment (for example f-1).
4. Period of the lease (from/to which date you would like to lease the above mentioned apartment; for example: " from September 20 to September 30, 2012 ")
5. Number of persons to live in the apartment ( for example 2 couples or two males).


      Also you may inform any other information about yourselves (for example, possession of languages) and your additional wishes.

Within short period of time ( normally one working day or even sooner) we reply to you and inform - whether the apartment is free forthe indicated period. Once we confirm availability  you will beasked to pay reservation deposit ( advance payment). Reservationdeposit equivalent of one night rental fee guarantees your booking. For longer term reservations (usually excess of 10 nights) we may ask you 2 night's worth of rent.






 You can choose one of the following advance payment options:  

     1. Transfer from abroad to Ukraine can be done via "Western Union"  system. In this case commission of bank is at the expense of the sender. Commission depends on country and sum to be sent. It can vary from 3 to 8 %. Advantage of this way is that money comes to receiver immediately. You can find your nearest Western Union point here.

     2. If you have partners or friends in Odessa who are ready to pay in cash the sum of an reservation deposit, you can resort to their help and just hand over cash.

       Visa, Mastercard 3. If you have a credit card or deposit card Visa, Visa-Electron or Mastercard you can make a advance payment for 1st night even without leaving home. In this case you are billed by us through a secure processing center of Ukrainian Privat-bank (system Liqpay). Thee-invoice is sent to you by e-mail. To pay it you need to know the cvv/cvc code of your card (not to be confused with the 4-digit PIN code cards!).

cvv code is usually a three digit number that is on the back of your card near the signature (see picture). Some banks do not type this code on the card itself, in this case you should clarify it in your bank. Bank commission for this way of prepayment  is normally 3%

     4. If you have partners / friends in Ukraine but not in Odessa, the equivalent of the sum of advance payment in Ukrainian currency (Hryvnya) can be transmitted via an electronic money order or directly to our bank card-account(PrivatBank of Raiffeisen Bank Aval).

     5. You can quickly transfer money to us without opening account via the Contact network. You can find your nearest Contact network point here. Commission depends on country and sum to be sent. It can vary from 3 to 12%. We will inform about the name of receiver and bank address via e-mail if you chose this method.

Payment of the remaining part of the sum have to be done on check-in (transfer of keys from the apartment).

In case of your non-arrival, changing (afterwards) of dates and/or period of your stay in the apartment advance payment is totally non-refundable. This rule is unfortunately applicable even in case of cancellation of flights and/or other voyages.

You can probably find answers to other your questions here.




Odessa apartments Dovga str / Pysareva str
350 UAH/night
Odessa apartments 1v, Dunayevskogo str
500 UAH/night
Odessa apartments 7/1, Garshina str
2000 UAH/night
French Boulevard
1650 UAH/night

Price (max) UAH/day