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Odessa beach. Vacation 2014.

In Odessa and the surrounding area there are a lot of tourist and health institutions visited annually by tens of thousands of holidaymakers. A variety of unique attractions , historical and cultural monuments , funny and charismatic people , and, of course , Odessa itself will make your stay here in 2020 a memorable and vivid. Tourists can find something to do for everyone: there is a huge number of cafes, restaurants , nightclubs and entertainment venues ! Although the city itself by European standards is young ( 220 years)  but with rich in historical heritage. Most visitors do not think their stay in Odessa without a visit to the beach.

Odessa resort area is conducive to relaxation and treatment areas. A large number of sunny days , the uniqe climates , unique pools , lagoons , an abundance of fruits and vegetables  creates an exceptional setting for the annual flow of tourists. Like any self-respecting city by the sea , Odessa is famous for its beaches, a lot of them here . The entire coastline here is in fact  one continuous beach. 


Odessa apartments Dovga str / Pysareva str
350 UAH/night
Odessa apartments 1v, Dunayevskogo str
500 UAH/night
Odessa apartments 7/1, Garshina str
2000 UAH/night
French Boulevard
1650 UAH/night

Price (max) UAH/day