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Terms and Conditions ( Booking Policy).

When reserving of apartment on our site, you automatically accept our Terms and Conditions / Booking Policy.

All apartments are fully furnished and entirely equipped. Kitchen is fully equipped with appliances and kitchen utensils. No food is provided.

Internet connection is provided at majority of locations (information about Internet connection is in the description of each apartment). This service is free to use, however is not guaranteed. Odesa Apartment Rentals can not be held accountable for any loss of connection.  If a loss of connection does occur you should contact landlord re this.

In case of water break downs: there should be water 24 hours a day (in Odessa from 5am till 12pm, no water at night in case there is no extra supply water tank in the apartment). There is no water only in cases of water services faults also our water services companies may be carrying out some repair works during a day. If you are concerned you can call our manager and tell about this, but in most cases we can’t help.

The same applies to electricity supply. If there is no electricity in the whole building, district — there might have been a fault. We may be able to investigate the reason and expected time for the issue to be resolved, however we have no impact on the resolution since electricity service is run by local authorities. If there is no electricity in your apartment ONLY please contact our accommodation manager / landlord urgently. 

Please do not take away anything from the apartment during your stay, inform our accommodation manager in case something is not working in the apartment. If something is broken by you please inform us and we’ll help to fix the problem in order you wouldn’t be charge in the amount of full security deposit. You are our clients/guests and our aim is to help you and to make your stay at our accommodation comfortable.
All our accommodations are provided for tourism purposes only. Any commercial use of the apartment is strictly prohibited.

On your arrival:
The full address of the apartment is to be given with the booking confirmation.

Check-in / Pick up of keys: There are generally several ways to pick up the keys to your rental apartment.
 1) if you arrange a pick up (transfer) service with us, our driver will meet and accommodate you. 
 2) if you plan to arrange taxi yourself, please inform us of the approximate arrival  time to the apartment at least 24 hrs before arrival, and then call us 60 minutes before this time

Check-out: please inform our manager about check out time on arrival to the apartment. On the departure day our manager will come at that time discussed to the apartment to carry out an inspection and to refund you security deposit.
Check in: 14h00 / there is a possibility to check in before under approval of the agency.
Check out is 12h00 (it is sometimes possible to check out later, but you need to confirm this with your accommodation manager on the day of check in.

Accommodation conditions:
  All our apartments are guaranteed to be a clean state. You are responsible for the cleanliness of the apartment during your stay. Free of charge cleaning is included in the price of some apartments. Different owners have different rules, please ask our manager about each particular apartment. You're asked to use your apartment with care and respect, to leave all furniture in its original place. 
Equipment and furniture are indicated on the web page, in case something of these is missing in the apartment, you have the right to request it.
  The agency, in case of a major problem (water flood, electricity lack etc.) can change the accommodation to that of a similar standing or only better quality and higher class. The agency shall not be responsible for any injury, loss or damage to guests' property. Please be vigilant and make sure that all doors and windows are locked every time you leave the apartment during tour stay. Guests must immediately notify landlord or agency if locks or doors or windows in the apartment are not functioning properly. 

Security deposit:
All our apartments require a deposit which is specified on your booking confirmation. At check-in, the client shall make a security deposit to guarantee proper maintenance of the apartment  and everything inside it. This amount shall be given in cash any currency - and shall be reimbursed to the client upon check-out after an inspection of the apartment by the owner/manager (in the same currency). Our Company is not responsible for and will not be a party to a dispute arising from a security deposit refund. The owner of the accommodation has the right to refuse admittance to guests who do not pay the deposit if required. Thus, if you break something, please contact our manager and we’ll help you to repair it, it might cost less than security deposit amount.

  You can cancel your booking without penalty not later then 21 days before arrival, in case of later cancellation/dates change/no show – one night rate penalty is to apply. In case of different cancellation policy of the apartment, it would be indicated in your booking confirmation. 

Behavior rules:
The client will be liable for the decent behavior of all the persons accompanying him/her, according to the house rules listed bellow. Should that person, or any of the persons accompanying him/her not behave in a suitable way, the owner shall be entitled to request the client and the persons accompanying him/her to leave the apartment without the right to claim any type of compensation, refund.

House rules:
Please respect your neighbours: they are ordinary working people who need to get up early and go to work every day. Therefore, please limit your noise levels in the stairwells as well as in the apartment. In case of complaints from the neighbors due to excessive noise or any annoying behavior from clients in the apartment, the owner has the right to ask you to leave the apartment immediately, without any refund of the rents paid and security deposit.
We ask that you smoke outside the apartment because many of our guests are non-smokers and we don’t want the apartment to smell. Please respect this.
Help save energy: if you leave the apartment for a while, please make sure that all lights are off as well as the air-conditioning and heating. Put them at minimum or switch off completely. Please do not use heaters/air conditioners for heating whilst having your windows opened.
In the event of early termination of paid term in the apartment The client shall have no right to any reimbursement of price or of any other expenses paid.


Odessa apartments Dovga str / Pysareva str
350 UAH/night
Odessa apartments 1v, Dunayevskogo str
500 UAH/night
Odessa apartments 7/1, Garshina str
2000 UAH/night
French Boulevard
1650 UAH/night

Price (max) UAH/day